Monday, May 19, 2008

Redmist Castle Freelance Work

A young knight and noblewoman with her servant of the Csagrada Kingdom for Redmist Castle. I love to do detail work and working on his armor was very fun for me. A lot of very talented artists and intreging story line and game play can all be seen at the Redmist Castle site when it's updated. Thanks to Timothy Gulics for letting me be a part of his team of talented artists.


Marco Nelor said...

Sup nat. Youre getting better fast. I enjoy these, and watching your progress. I have an exercize for you though. Im noticing something about your coloring. so heres the exersize (man....spell check has gone off BOTH times ive typed the word exercize!! how the hell do you spell it?!)


exersize :
Find a couple of your favorite paintings, by some of your favorite people...the one that the color impresses you the most, and then take it into photoshop, and desaturate it, taking all the color out. Then do a piece, while looking at the piece you decolorized, and try to just get near the same grays and value. I think it will help you to understand to see a lil better how value works.

later nat!

natalie said...

Thanks! It's exercise... :) That sounds like it'll help me out a lot. I'll try it out on photographic reference too. :)